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Bank Account

Account Number: 0633693656
Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) 

Moistureclean Delivery

Delivery anywhere in Lagos: N3,000
Abuja: N3,000
TO Send your own Dispatch rider: FREE
Other states (waybill): N6,500
DHL door step delivery: N11,200
For international:
Uk and Ireland DHL door Delivery: N60,000
USA DHL doorstep delivery: N72,000
Spain and Italy Doorstep: N82,000
Other Countries Doorstep: N86,000 - N110,000

Product Explanation

Loungewear: Loose and comfortable lounge sets specifically designed for relaxation. 

Denim Corset: A corset set that blends the classic timelessness of denim with the flattering silhouette of a corset. 

Take me to mama: fringe dress - The fringe dress exudes fun movement and chic style. Perfect for making a statement with a touch of fun and sophistication.

A babe and more: Elegant dress made with the choicest African prints, for rich aunties.

Beau set dress: A two piece outfit made with the softest fabrics that feels like a kiss on the skin. 

Beaded Glossy Me: Made with silky fabric and adorned with intricate detailing, the Kaftan to indulge in for effortless elegance. 

Bimbo Corset: A perfect blend of Chic &Class that allows you effortlessly transition from day to night.

Daisy Dress: This A-shape dress exudes feminine charm with the perfect blend of mesh and flowers.

Chic Kaftan: the chic kaftan effortlessly combines style and comfort. Sophistication and grace in every step.

Kitty Oil

N 13,000

Feminine Wash

N 13,000

Boric Acid suppository

N 12,500

Slippery and Wet

N 25,000


Thanks so much for the question. Our Teeth Whitening Kit are made with the right amount of hydrogen Peroxide Gel and other key ingredients to ensure teeth whitening with no sensitivity and are curated by USA trained Dentists . Also contains all-natural and organic ingredients.

It would whiten the natural teeth at the surrounding. This will whiten natural teeth it will NOT whiten any dental work like crowns, veneers or bridges. Those are not able to be whitened by any whitening product but it can whiten teeth in the surrounding.

On average, most people only need to use a kit every 3-6 months, for maintenance purposes after they have achieved their desired whitening effect. But the frequency depends on the genetic makeup of your teeth and what kinds of foods and drinks you consume or smoke that cause stain! You can safely use it as often as you need to.

Ensure you keep in a cool area away from the sun.

Our teeth whitening kits have up to 20-25 treatments depending on how much gel you apply on your teeth per treatment

Yes, Nursing mums can use our teeth whitening kits as they are safe